Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome to Hoyerblog!

I'll be blogging here about Rep. Steny Hoyer, my representative in Congress, and more importantly, the new House Majority Leader.

Why a blog about one politician? Several reasons:

1) The 'market,' if you will, is moving in the direction of greater particularity. There's really no need whatsoever for one more blog covering the broad sweep of American politics; thousands of very good blogs are already covering that beat. There are also state politics blogs in every state. Maryland's got several; I'll put the ones I know about in the blogroll when I get a moment. There are even a growing number of county politics blogs.

So one next step seemed to be to cover individual politicians of note. Hoyer's been my Congressman for the past eight years; I've already been learning about him, and he's an interesting politician, or at least I find him so. And now he's a very important politician.

2) It suits my knowledge and interests. I'm a national-politics junkie, but I'm also quite interested in Steny Hoyer as a politician. There's a good intersection there. What I hope to do is make a valuable contribution by following Hoyer as a politician fairly closely, certainly more closely than anyone's doing right now.

3) If someone's going to do a blog about Hoyer, it should be someone like me. I'm a constituent, so I've got a close vantage point to view him from. I think he's a good but far from perfect Congressman in terms of the issues, so you'll neither get cheerleading nor equating of Hoyer with Lieberman here. But I've never been involved in Maryland politics, and I'm a relative newcomer even as an observer; I don't have loyalties that would distort my view.

Besides, it'll be fun. Hoyer's gonna be right in the thick of things as our national politics turns an interesting corner, starting later this week. Hop aboard, it should be a lively ride.


Blogger Doughboy said...

although, being English, I have absolutely no idea who Hoyer is, I fully support your idea to keep a virtual eye on him.

Keep up the good work. (if this comment isn't the most meaningless ever!)

8:25 PM  

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